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  • I've been searching for information about the .338 Excalibur cartridge. I can get the reamer and make dies but I'm not finding the parent case for this cartridge. My guess by the drawings is it's the .416 Rigby. RCC in Texas makes brass at a little over $6/piece, minimum order of 50 pieces but I'd like to be able to make my own if it's feasible. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

    lr3500max (at) gmail.com
    Good evening Autorotate, one of gentlemen said you use to have an Excalibur. Trying to find some load data for it. Me an my dad had two built an we want to shoot 300gr Berger’s or RMB out of them. Running 26” proof barrel and black heart international action.
    Hey Autorate,

    Just wondering if anything came about your 300 Rumbo. Any range report.
    Seen the reamer print and looks kind of interesting. I'm looking at building a 300 rum of some kind. Any pros or cons on that Rumbo would be appreciated.
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