Fierce Rifles

I owned a couple of their rifles before they went to their own parts. I thought they were nice rifles. I have not owned any of the newer rifles. The thing that always makes me wonder is the amount of them for sale second hand. Seem to be a lot for sale!
Other guy is one of their “managers”

There’s a deal on another site right now where a guy got a riffle from them and there was no riffling the barrel. The kicker was he had shot it, sent it back, shot it again then looked down the barrel and was like ***.
Of course! Those were set-up to use bird shot for shooting pigeons in the barn.
that review...

This is all of that thread you need to read. I understand that accidents happen, but what followed is inexcusable, from anyone.

The Fury in .300wm. This is where it gets really good. Took the gun to sight it in. The gun had a 5 port muzzlebrake on it and after the first shot I told my buddy that it kicked so hard I was actually nervous to shoot it again. Don't consider my self to be a b**ch but it freaking rocked me. Lucky for me the bolt wouldn't open. Back to Fierce. They test fire it 3 times and send a video of them doing so. Back to me w/clean bill a health. I go to sight it in and I can't get it to hit paper. I take the scope/rings off and start from scratch with mounting process. Shot it at 50 yards and it hit's bullseye. Back out to 100. First shot nothing. Second, barely hits the edge of the target. Third shot, opposite side of target and the hole looked off through the scope. Get to target and the bullet was going through the target completely sideways. I open the bolt and look down the barrel and the gun had NO rifling. Take it to a local gunsmith and he mics the barrel and finds out it had only been pilot drilled. On my very first shot I put a .308 sized bullet down a barrel that was only .299 or .300. Luckily it didn't blow up in my face. I call Fierce and have a somewhat heated discussion with John Mogle (owner) and at one point he laughs and says get a lawyer and have fun. So I did. It took 2 years but in the end I got roughly 10k. They actually didn't complete their end of the agreement so I still have the rifle as evidence.
This is all of that thread you need to read. I understand that accidents happen, but what followed is inexcusable, from anyone.
Lol that cs is pathetic, and the lack of qc is dangerous. Ya, after watching a few of their videos, it seems like they are a bunch of dUdE bRoS that don't shoot very well and decided to start selling long range rifles and wear flat brimmed hats and white framed sunglasses. I know a lot of their rifles shoot very well, but you hear about a lot of lemons, mainly because they seem to refuse to back their products.

Want to see another example of "stellar" shooting, look up their video of the antelope island mule deer hunt where they used mossback outfitters. I seriously wonder why they even try to draw attention to themselves in some of their hunts. It's kinda sad honestly.
Off topic but I am wondering where these rifles say they are made?
The owner brags about being made in Utah but all the ones I’ve seen say made in Canada.
Just another problem?