Stevens Rifles

I wonder if the 9.5 twist will accomodate the 162 a-max or 168 Berger or 175 SMK.

Anyone have experiences with this?

Lilja's chart says 9-10" for 160, so I hope the a-max will stabilize. Should be fun then!
Oh, I just got the OK from the accountant(wife) /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif, so its time to start shopping!
163Amax for the 7mm08?
I know it will at 280rem velocities, probably not a problem for the 175smk either.
even the 180Berger will stabalize from the 9.5 twist at 7mm wsm velocities.
when you get your barrel and have it running, give me a shout, and ill send you a couple, and you can see if they land pointy end forward. Don't forget my comments on the vise blocks and wrench either!

Thanks for the offer on the block, wrench, and bullets.
I may have to take you up on the offer once I get a Savage.

I picked up a box of A-max's for my 7wsm, to compare to the 175 SMK's. Just gotta get the scope mounted on the WSM so I can try it out.
I am now looking to find the best price on one of these rifles.
Seems like somewhere around $250 is the going rate. I'll keep looking til I can find one in 7-08. Would have had one last week, but the Sportsmans in Albuquerque didn't have any in 7-08. The guy behind the counter had a kind of puzzled look on his face when I asked. He said they never have had any.(like "They don't make those you dumb ___.")
Anyway the quest goes on. Don't even have one rifle broke in yet and looking for another. Thats the way I like it!

Well I'm off to the mountains of southern Colorado for a week's vacation. I will check the thread when I get back.
Just an update!
Couldn't bring myself to get rid of a good Ruger 270 to buy a Savage.
Might end up swapping it for a Win. WSSM though. I am a Win. guy even though they have flaws too.

Thanks to all for the info and offers of help.

Would have one if I found a 7-08, but none around and dont feel like swapping the bbl, cause it'll start costing too much for the outcome.
I purchased a Stevens model 200 in 7mm-08 for my daughter, I believe the retail price was $320.00 Canadian. Using Hornady 139 gr. SST's it shoot 5/8" group at 100 yds. This is untouched and outa the box. Can't beat that.
Have a 25-06 stevens 200 all factory other than a trigger adjustment. Shooting the fac 117 speer hotcores this gun will shoot 1/2" or less groups at 100 yrds everytime.

Not the best gun on the market, but possibally the best value.
dancoman, it may not be the best gun on the market, but with 1/2" groups it certainly is far from the worse. My daughter calls her 200 "the ugliest gun" in my cabinet, she hasn't seen my old Mossberg 410 bolt action which lives at the very back of the gun safe. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif
--Had a bolt 410 Mossberg when i was a sprout growing up in the mountains of PA. Many a rabbit traveled into the pot via the Mossberg. Overbore
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