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Mar 25, 2011
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LRH is partly about having an accurate rifle, .500 or less. Does anyone have a Cooper Rifle and what is your thoughts about them...........They advertize .500 groups with Match Grade Ammo at 100 yards. What about the Triggers? Can they be adjusted down to 16oz. ? Looks to me like a bargin, less the wait time. If you can find one on the shelf so much the better..............I would imagine that you could get them to shoot a lot less than .5

I saw one today in the .280 Ackley Improved.................
Just got one in 6.5-284. I will say I haven't had any fancy guns before but I love it. I shot a .82 in 3 shot group at 187 yards with the first real load I tried. My brother also shot about a MOA group the first time he shot it. I haven't and don't plan to mess with the trigger.
I own 2 Coopers... one in 204 Ruger and 1 in .22 LR. With the 204 Ruger, I repeated the factory target (at 100 yards though) after only 2 load developments. And I'm sure you've seen the factory tagets, usually one ragged hole. As far as the trigger, they are set around 2.25 - 2.5 pounds from factory. They can be adjusted, but I'm not sure to which degree. Also, Cooper will be releasing a match trigger this winter that is very much adjustable. Like I said before, I have 2 Coopers and 1 custom 700. The Coopers give the custom a real run for its money as far as accuracy. But, Coopers have very unique stocks. The wood they use is amazing! I posted pics of the wood on my 22LR here: and • View topic - My Cooper Jackson Squirrel 22LR!!!!

Bottom line is, you can't go wrong with a Cooper! :D
You have convinced me.....................I talked to Cooper Friday. They told me that when you order a rifle you and specify what trigger pull you want and they will set it at the factory. They said that their triggers are good to 16oz. I also asked about twist rate as I was interested in the 6.5 X 284 which comes with a 1x9, yet the berger 140 recomends a 1X8. They told me for $75 you can change the twist rate to what ever you want. Barrel length is a free option and can be from 20 inches to 26 or 28 cant remember what. You get a lot of bang for the buck.............

Im looking for somthing bigger than my .243 AI maybe the .280 AI.

Thanks for the info..............

I've had the chance to shooy exactly one (1) Cooper, WOW! I've shot my fair share of boom sticks... that rifle shot very well. 22-250 IIRC....

Just out of curiousity, why the 280 AI?
.280 Ackley Improved is pretty much the same as the 7mm Rem. Mag. Once you go to the magnum calibers in a cooper rifle the price jumps by $1,000. I own a .243 Ackley Custom in a 700 action, which is great for antelope and deer, but If I want to hunt Elk!!?? My inlaws live in Carmen Idaho and want me to come up Elk hunting this year the past I just hunt deer. So for a non-magnum Caliber it seem like the .280 Ackley would be the way to go and shooting the 168gr Berger VLD would make for a great long range combination...............actually it would be better for Mule Deer.

I received, as a Valentine, a Cooper MDL 22, VLM, 6.5x284, 26" 1/8". I had to assemble every component from scratch, as no ammo is available here on the coast.

I ordered 100 pieces Lapua brass, SMK 142gr. and Berger 140gr VLD, Redding dies, used RL 22 and Win LRPs. My first effort with different coals and loads were several groups under.3". I'm sure I can improve these as I get a better feel for this cartridge, which is new to me.

I really like this rifle, the wood is beautiful and the feel of every part is as precise as I have ever felt in any other rifle, I have owned or fired.
I have heard that from so many Cooper owners. I have talked with Cooper and they have a lot of options to give you the rife that you want ...........I kind of makes you wonder why you would spend more to get the same. Everyone I talked to said that the accuracy was right where you are at...............Some guys have four or five Coopers. I was looking at getting the Excaliber in the .280 Ackley. The magnum calibers are about $800 more do you know why? Not to much difference between a .280 AI and the 7mm Remington Magunum.

I have a 6.5 x .284 phoenix mdl 22. Would not get rid of the gun for anything. It is not a matter of finding a load. It will shoot anything really good and some freaking incredible. I look for low ES and go. Currently holding 3/8 MOA and less out to 1000 all day long when i do my part with the wind. I am running a stout load of 4831sc topped with a 142 SMK and this combo gives me ES in the teens. I also have a load with barnes 120 tsx that will do 1/2 MOA out to 1000. With SMK I literally have 1.25 vertical. capable of 1/4 MOA if I could read the wind better. At 100 yards it's stupid literally 1 hole groups. I wish I had one in every caliber I shoot.
I own a Cooper and it is everthing they said it would be. After I got mine two of my buds got one too and they all shoot verrrry well. I have been to the factory and met the people that create these fine rifles. The cutomer service is one reason to buy a Cooper beside the way they shoot. We just came back from the Cooper "One Shot" contest in Hamiltonand we stopped at the factory with a >22 benchrest rifle that somehow got a ding in the crown. Mike from Cooper took the gun aprt, cut and recrowned the muzzle, rebead blasted the barrel and did a trigger job, all while we waited at no charge!
That my friends is customer service at it's finest
I have a Cooper in 6.5x284, 1:8 twist, 26". Shoots .25MOA. So far 9 straight, one shot kills, on deer and antelope between 500 and 1000 yards. This rifle's a definite gem! My trigger is at 3.5#. Crisp pull and tight groups, decided not to touch it. Feels more like 2# pull.
Kind of makes you wonder what you would get paying an extra $2,000 for custom its all about accuracy isnt it?

To make you wonder even more so, I have a Savage LRH in the same caliber that shoots the same as my Cooper. Quality and workmanship doesn't come close though.
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