Cooper Rifles

You're right. They changed their site. They had the prices a year ago. The base rifles were 1500-2000 range. You might check Guns America, many dealers used to have have new Cooper rifles listed.
Prices range from about $1700 to $2400, with the exception on any Magnum cal that is $2800 At the Scheels store in Sparks, Nevada there is a .243 for $1600 Prices go up depending on the Wood grades in most cases.

Grey Wolf ...........................Tell me about your 6.5 Would you use it on Elk? What bullet do you shoot ? What kind of velocity are you getting? The Scheels store had a 6.5x284 the the Excaliber with the synthedic stock. I really wanted that was beautiful. I have been considering the .280 AI in the Excaliber as my next rifle................but then Cooper goes out of their way to meet your every want that it makes it that much more enjoyable customizing your rifle. Right now my biggest rifle is a .243AI My inlaws live up on the Idaho/Montana boarder and want me to come Elk hunting...................So I have a good reason for buying another Rifle.
I Just received my .243AI from CPR.............if I had to do it over Cooper would be the way I would have gone. My .243 cost $2,000

Tell me about your 6.5 Would you use it on Elk? What bullet do you shoot ? What kind of velocity are you getting? The Scheels store had a 6.5x284 the the Excaliber with the synthedic stock.

Yes, I would use it on Elk. I would reduce my max range used for deer sized game which is 1000 yards, down to 700 yards. At that range I'm getting 1500 pounds of energy, I fully trust the Berger 140VLD's expansion characteristics, and I am confident of the accuracy of the rifle for good shot placement. My load devolops 2970FPS at the muzzle an still traveling 1800 FPS at 1000 yards using a 140gr Berger Hunting VLD.
I have limited experience with them but have fell in love with the one I own. I found one used for a steal at Gander Mountain and bought it on first sight. It appears to have hardly been shot or possibly not at all outside of the factory.

It's a model 52 Jackson Hunter in 280 Rem. I've made two trips to the range with it and it really seems to like the 160 grainers. I've shot five groups with the Fed TB 160's that are all under .25 and two groups at 300 in 1.5-1.7 range. It also shoots 140 HSM Bergers and Fed Bal Tips to .7 at 100 yards.

Fit and finish it top notch and the trigger is set to an incredibly crisp 2.0 lbs.

Here's my best 3 shot group at 100 yards, one ragged hole.

What did you pay for it........................I see that Cooper had a price increase

that is an awsome group you cant get much better than that

Did your rifle have a 2.0 trigger pull when you bought it.
I saw a excaliber in the 6.5mmx284 and was told it had a set trigger at 5.0 lbs.

I have a 280 AI in a Model 52 that I got a few years ago now from

Totally stellar performance. During my first fireforming i did with standard 280 Rem ammo it shot just under 1MOA - during fire forming.

It shoots 1/3 of an inch with 139 grain horandays and 60 grain of H4831 every time out. I ran into this load immediately on the first reload session - i'm sure i could get better accuracy if i actually tried to get a better load.

The action is unbelieveably smooth - and the trigger breaks super crisp and clean although i think it's set between 3-4 pounds - it shoots so **** good i don't want to even bother to try and lighten it up.

The round is also fantastic - as it's such a great crossover round - load it down to shoot like a 7mm-08 for deer - load up with 160's to shoot like a 7mm Rem Mag for moose if you want.

The other benefit of the cooper - and any rifle really that is this accurate - is that you start to learn what is you - vs what is the gun far faster than with a gun that is around 1 MOA. if a shot is .75 of an inch off to one side - you know for sure you just pulled it and you can think about what you need to do with the way you're pulling the trigger to change things. Quickens the shooting learning curve for you.

It's a keeper for a lifetime - the gun and the round for me anyways.

Just to confirm what other shooters have said in this thread, my Coopers were from Prophetriver also and all have lived up to the accuracy claim. The latest is a 338-06 Jackson Hunter and have yet to build some loads for it, but will get busy with loading this winter and try them out. Want to test them on an Elk or Moose this fall. Not that a .280 AI couldn't do the job, but accurate rifles are a joy to shoot.:)
This is my first post on LRH, even though I've been a member for some time now. I mostly like to just read threads to see what what most folks are shooting and how they like thier rifles.

I just recieved my first new Cooper (54 Excalibur in 308 win.) put Ferrel rings, bases and installed a Vortex pa 6.5x20 scope on it and just could'nt believe the results. For a 6.5 lb out of the box rifle to shoot this good is insane, especially with factory ammo. Rem match 168 gr, SMKs. I got 2 better than 1/4 moa groups at 100 and shot steel at 400, covered all three shots with my snuff can! I couldn't be happier with this rifle all things considered, and will never sell it.

High end custom gun builders will give you a 1/2 moa garanty but few will do it in a 6.5 lb. gun, and it will cost you a lot more dinero. I love this thing, problem is it out shoots my custom Christensen 280 AI. and it shoots good, better than 1 moa.

I'm afraid this will be my new go to rifle for most everything I hunt. It's a really nice and handy little rig.
As mentioned, try to find one already built. If I remember correctly my build last year took over 8 months. If you look on Gunbroker you will find stocking dealers. A few weeks after I ordered my rifle I learned about Gunbroker and I could have saved a long wait which forced me to miss a hunting season with my rifle.

Very nice rifle, I am very happy. I did order mine with a 1 1/2 pound trigger, I love a good trigger and my Cooper has one.
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