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I know that Fierce sells components on their website--stocks and barrels. I am not sure if you were to call them they might be willing to sell the action and magazine system but I am not sure. Otherwise-- if you can find a used rifle someone is willing to part with for parts, that would be the next option.

One other consideration is that there are not that many options for high-end stocks for sako actions. I know McMillan and Manners have them but because they are not in high demand-- it may be a wait to have one made for you? I sent McMillan my barreled action and they scanned and built a stock for my rifle that Fierce messed up and would not own the mistake (they sent the bill to John Mogle. Love those guys). If you're willing to wait and do it right-- I would go this route.
Own a rival. Shoots factory .5 moa and got it shooting hammers a bit better. No concerns.
I have a carbon rival 300 win.. it shoots better than my skill set.. always under 1 moa and flirts with .5 moa when I'm shooting well. It's a great gun for the money. Where else can you get a modern carbon stock and barrel that shoots less than 1 moa for 2800? They also look pretty cool.
You might check out the thread under 'Firearms' on Rokslide. Title is: Fierce firearms disaster or something similar.
I shoot a left handed Fierce CT Edge in 300PRC & I’d buy another Fierce rifle in a heartbeat! My experience with Customer Service has been top notch as well.
My experience was with steel barreled rifles in 300 WSM. A sample of 2. Neither would shoot anything under 2 MOA. CS was A joke. Live and learn
It seems that with Fierce, if you get a good one they are amazing. They are very similar to a custom in feel and performance. The trouble is, when they crap the bed it's not just a wet fart with a little stain, it's toss the bedding and burn the mattress.
Yes if you buy from a Canadian dealer and have a registered US importer bring it across the border.
Check their site for contact info. They sell a lot of guns into the states and have a process setup to do that easily. I don't know if they use Borderview or someone else, but since you save 35 percent on the exchange, makes it worth the work.
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Check their site. They sell a lot of guns into the states and have a process setup to do that easily.
Please point it out on their site. I don’t see anything about them importing rifles into the US. They have no US dealers. But I did send them a message asking if they can import one of their TI Mountain rifles. I own several made in Canada Fierce rifles that perform as good as expected. I would love to add another one.

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