Fast twist .223


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May 14, 2004
New Zealand
Hi, I am currently thinking of building a .223 with a fast twist barrel for shooting up to 80gn bullets. Can anyone give me any info that would be helpful.

A 1:7" to 1:8" will do. A 1:9" will be unlikely to stabilize 80s, although it does well with 69s & 70s.

I have an Obermeyer 1:7.8" on my Service Rifle & it shoots Berger 80s very, very well.
Agree w/ speedbump. Sometimes people have had success w/ 75gr bullets such as the Hornady BTHP or even the A-Max from a 1-9" twist, but usually it seems it's in a bolt gun running pretty high speed/pressure (to get the A-Max stabilized). a 1-7" won't quite do the 90 grainers if that is ever a consideration; you would need a 1-6.5" for that.


What is the most common barrel lenght that the bolt action guys are using over there? I want to get the most velocity possible out of the 223 case without ruining the cases too quickly. Do you guys reccomend throating it really long, to maximise case capacity? I have heard that It doesnt really make that much difference.
I don't know what specifically people are using in 'custom' barrelled bolt guns in .223... Most people I know shooting 'heavy' bullets in a .223 bolt gun are using a factory barrel like a Savage (1-9"), CZ (1-9") or a Rem 700 LTR (1-9"), and had to pretty much take what they got as far as chamber. For AR's I think there are basically 3 'normal' lengths of chambers, for something like 2.450", 2.500, and 2.550" OAL, since they have to function w/ mag length ammo as well as long loaded slowfire rounds. the short stuff is still jumping a bunch, though, and the long stuff is pretty long. It might be worth asking over on (Long Range High Power competition, several folks from your neck of the woods there also) or I'm pretty sure there are some people who shoot or have shot bolt gun .223's for long range.

Sorry I don't have a direct answer for you.


Has any one out there done any hunting with a 223 shooting VLD bullets. I am hoping to use it on wild goats that we have a lot of over here. Somewhere in the 40-50lb region. They are quite thin skinned animals. What would be the max range you would expect to take these animals? (We can shoot at them from as far as you can see em!)
hey mate.
this is an old thread but was just wanting to know where in nz are u
hows the .223 going.
my bro and i were shooting tahr the other day with his .223. though we were head shooting nannies though. think the furtherest hes shot a goat from was 150. did some damage.internals went to gel.
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