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  • John,
    sounds fantastic. Leave it to the Europeans to have hunting guides trained as a 4 year college option. They really do things differently than we do. I suppose because it is so much older and smaller than the U.S. Much more tradition and sense of history. Anyway, glad you had a good/safe hunt. Any interest in 6.5-284 or 7mm barreled action yet? Let me know is so.
    joel t. sprecher
    sauk city, wi. 53583
    Thanks Popapi, objectively, its really not fair to either one of us. I can definitely provide $1500 right away, and another $1000 once my current 7 sells, probably within a couple weeks, its the last $500 that I really have no idea of since my last 325 purchase consumed a good portion on my rifles budget. Thanks for your objectivity.
    JohnnieB I could do that, but how long do you think it'll take you to sell your rifle to get the rest to me. I don't want to sit on your money and rifle 3 or 4 months just to make this deal happen..... I mean what do you think would be fair?
    Thanks Popapi, as this new rifle will be my wife's, she is very carefully reviewing all available Bansner material, her other choice is a Red Hawk in 7mm, of which I have a 300 RUM, and its a great rifle too. So, as soon as she makes her choice, I'll let you know. Thanks again!
    Thank you. I'm travelling on the east coast at the moment. Will be back home Thurs / Fri and will follow up with you then.
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