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    1. JohnnieB

      The hunt went great. They have a bit of a different way of doing things than I'm used to, but I can now understand where they are coming from. The guides are all formally educated hunting guides, a 4-5 year vocational study process, and they want you to shoot & then let them do all the work. A bit different, but I helped out where I was allowed. Once I got in the brush and started breaking trails and pushing brush, they appreciated my effort and all was good. My wife took a big old black boar, 8-10 years old, and around 250lbs with big tusks. Mine was a young brown/red one of about 275lbs with small tusks, but I'm super happy about him. If I could figure out how to post a pic here, I would.

      Hope your Christmas was great and Happy New Year!
    2. traprwill
      not much of a football fan but I guess I do cheer for them:)
    3. long range dogr
      long range dogr
      Any trade interests for your action?
    4. CW00
      what is the reticle can u see me pic of it
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