Duracoat or ceracoat

I have a good friend that applies both and has done some for me. It seems the ceracote to me is thinner and smoother. I also feel it holds up a little better. So personally I prefer ceracoat.

Not familiar with duracoat.
Have had 3 rifles ceracoated and presently waiting on a rifle at the gunsmith's that will be ceracoated, so a total of four with it. I like it and has held up well on my rifles.
I've been using Duracoat for a few years, it is one of the nicest paints to apply
that I have ever used. I want to try Ceracoat because it is a bit cheaper and
had good reports, but the agent in Germany who would supply us with paint is
a ... not great, and is more interested in spraying his own bits. So no Ceracoat for us.
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