rifle stock painter? duracoat?

I want duracoat in a camo finish. Who is one of the best painters you know?
I dont quite get the 'painting' craze, other than it looks cool. My black rifle is black and absorbs all light ( physics again ), and when I lay down in the grass or hide in a bush wearing my 30 yr old Trebark camo I disappear, so does my black LRH rifle. I wear the Trebark spring turkey hunting and have had guys walk up and stand right next to me and bs to thier hunt pard and then move on and never see me ( altho my shotgun does have a camo cover on it). I guess I'm jus gettin old and cranky about all this newfangled stuff.
I camo-ed a .22LR. "Say it with Krylon." Paints holding up pretty good and is pretty cheap. I used a texured exterior paint. I like it.

The most durable is the heat treated version of duracoat. It also is the easiest to paint with because it comes in spray cans. For a heater, get yourself an old freezer, mounts some oven baking or broiling heat elements from an oven and the heat controls too. Makes and "oven" big enough to fit a rifle (or several) into. All these old appliances are availble from an appliance dealer. The are also free because the dealer has taken them in because he sold a new one and he has to pay at the land fill to get rid of the old ones, even if they still work.

As for the freezer, you really should have the old "free on" (sp?) removed first but if you drill throught the bottom or the lid of the freezer you won't hit any refigeration gas lines which are usually in the sides.

The air dry version is very nice stuff but you need some airbrush experience to do it.

The best of both worlds is their Mission specific paint. It is in spray cans, air drys and is easier to get off so you can change colors for different environments.

Plain old flat colors of Krylon works pretty good if you do a good job of degreasing. It is easy to change and cheap and easy to touch up with out any special heaters or painting equipment.

The best reason to paint a rifle is not the cammo. It is to make a gun with a crappy stock and / or a barrel with little bluing left on it, look good.

Go to Duracoats web site and follow their directions and no matter if you use Duracoat, Krylon or Walmart specials, you get a pretty good job on you own.

If I can do it. You can do it! And I can do some pretty good looking camo paint. Not bad for guy with only 6 active brain cells!
semper fi .......... mark
Did this one today,got my 7mag together and decided on a new paint scheme,topcoat is all krylon cammo
May I add another observation. I own a sign company, do air brush on signs and vehicels etc. etc. I have all the equipment and a place to do it. However you don't need all that to do some pretty darned good camo paint jobs.

I suggest that before you invest in several hundred bucks in paint and equipment, you just buy some cans of spray paint in camo colors you think you'll like. Then get a plain old 2x4 about 3 feet long and practice painting it a few times.

Get a base coat, probably a lighter color.
Tear a piece of cardboard into an irregular shape with a couple of sharp curves in it. This is a cheap and unique spray mask.
Hand hold that cardboard on the wood and spray darker color accross the edge of the cardboard and fade the color out to nothing as you spray father away from the mask.

Move the cardboard a few inches away from where you just sprayed and repeat the porcess.

By moving the mask several inches one time and only a few the next, in random order, you can end up with a very peasing effect.

Thats about as simple as it gets. And if you screw it up, no sweat. Put on another base coat and try it again. Play with the colors. Have fun. When you get a little confidence, try it on a gun. Still use the cheaper Krylon or Rust Oliem or what ever is on sale at Wal-Mart...

When you get good at it, and if you really like to do it, THEN invest some equipment and the better coating products.

Semper Fi .... Mark
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