stock for rifle

Nick Dadamo

Apr 28, 2012
Manchester united kingdom
hi nick dadamo uk manchester,
What are your thoughts ? remmy PSS 308, 1 in 12 twist 26" heavy barrel, would you change stock from Mcree alliminuim stock to Mcmillian tactical stock ? in uk i purchased this mcree stock but i wonder about how accurate this rifle in this stock is, so looking to change pillor bed action and put into Mcmillian stock.

What are the thoughts :)
Stick with the McCree. I would love to have a McCree. They are good stocks. It's a matter of feel. If you can handle a McMillian, make your decision after that.
the mcree is an awesome chassis.alot of people use will just come down to which one is more comfortablefor liltank said,if you can get your hands on the mcmillian,try it and compare.
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