aluminum rifle stock


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May 10, 2012
I am Contemplating the idea on designing and milling my own custom rifle stock for my Winchester model 70 7mm rem magnum. I was wondering What you would think the best idea for the fore end and but stock should be like. This gun will be for hunting and shooting. I like the idea of a tube fore end but have no idea how i would attach it to the action part and have it strong enough.
Where will you be hunting? How cold does it get when you are hunting? Just something to think about when making the stock. Aluminum gets very cold to the touch in cold weather.

i probably wont be using the stock for walking long ways only probably to ride in the truck with a .243 as my backup for the long walks
Don't worry too much about the cold. Get a stock pack from someone like Triad Tactical, the grip is standard AR-15 so that won't be cold. Aluminum stocks are mostly (if not completely) used for prone shooting so your off hand will be on the bag or monopod.

I own a McRee & can attest that it does in fact get a little chilly on the cheek. I spent $30 or $50 on a stock pack & ta-da! No more cold & a handy little zipper pouch to store stuff in.

Hope that helps.

You could add some wood to the stock in the places you hold onto most .
A lot depends on what style of stock you are thinking about . I know a guy that went to Mongolia hunting with an alloy target stock with added rubber grips that made it ok to handle. Surely no one actually hunts at -30 do they ?
Anyway if the but pad is rubber , the cheek rest non metal , the pistol grip non metal and the forend covered in something non metal it would not be that bad in cold weather if you designed to to use gloves anyway .
By chance you wouldn't happen to have a Savage Rifle would you? This is a complete brain storm here, but what if you would use the tube forearm are the barrel nut leaving the barrel completely free floated within the tube? Then just build a separate chassis for the action. Just a thought, don't know the mechanics of the thing. I suppose you could use any manufacturer of rifle, it would be a matter of adapting the barrel to accept the barrel nut design.
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