Do Berger bullets require a different reloading style


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Dec 20, 2009
Boise, Idaho
I started playing around yesterday with some once fired cases. I will tell you that I am not all that smart when it comes to reloading, I am the grasshopper here, I could not get a dummy load to chamber in my Remington Sendero 300 RUM. I even tried seating the bullets "berger 185gr" to the same depth as some factory remington ammo and they would not chamber. Then I tried again this morning and reset my full length resizer die in the press and went to run a case up in there and whamo stuck the case bigger then you know what ***** Can't get it would and cabelas does not have the stuck case remover and can't get it to move, so I bought a new set of die's. Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong here??????? Please


It was a cold morning and could the die have shrunk???? causing the case to stick????


Will a resized or unresized fired case chamber?

When mine stick similar to yours the base has increased in size a bit.

To remove the stuck case, VERY carefully run a cleaning rod from the muzzle. Mark where the end of the muzzle is on the rod when fully inserted. Then tape an inch on both sides of the muzzle mark.

I flat hate to do this and and have only had to do this maybe twice in 40 years.

Something to keep in mind is that overall cartridge length from tip of point to base of cartridge is necessary for magazine fit only.

From Ogive to base of cartridge is better for chambering purposes.

Take a resized case and using a dremel cutter cut two slots opposite one another from from case mouth to shoulder. Work a bullet into it to loosen it so that when chambered the bullet will touch the leade AND be removed when the cartridge is extracted.

If it sticks in the barrel, drop a smaller caliber bullet down the muzzle to remove it. A 22cal 55 gr usually does the trick for me.

The end result will be that you have a dummy round with an overall length that touches the lead/rifling. This is a good starting point for the bergers. Then turn the seating die rod in a portion of a turn and check accuracy.

Another thought is that dummy round is stuck at the neck. This is unlikely but possible. You should be able to see where it was sticking after it has been removed.
Yes the case was lubed before I tried to resize it. I am using the Hornady one shot case lube. I reloaded nosler accubonds for my wifes 300SAUM and never had this kinda problems. But hopefully my father inlaw can help me figure it out tomorrow. Am too frustrated to continue
I was starting with the most obvious cause Grasshopper:D

I still think you have a lack of lube issue, I've heard the complaint of stuck cases from others using spray lubes.

I use Imperial sizing die wax and have never stuck a case. I too load the 300 RUM. Maybe try spreading the lube with your fingers to make sure you have complete coverage. There's alot less surface area to cause friction on a 300 saum.

As for your other problem was this brass fired in your chamber? If it came out it should go back in with no issues, try chambering an unsized, unloaded piece of brass.
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I don't use it so I really don't know but I believe I have read somewhere that with the one shot spray on stuff or the like that there is a wait period before you can run your brass thru the die. If it was a chilly morning maybe that had something to do with the wait time.
Well I went and bought new dies today, cabelas didn't have any of the stuck case pullers in stock and I pretty much toasted the one trying to get the case out. But ya my father inlaw is coming over tomorrow and will get it right for sure. I can't wait to get some bergers going through my gun. Took it out yesterday into the desert, the gun had only been bore sighted, I set two one gallon jugs up, one at 100 yards and the other at 200 yards, took me two shots to get dialed in at 100 and then pulled down on the one at 200 yards and first shot it was toast and that was with factory remington ammo. I think this gun is going to be a shooter. Found a nice spot out in the desert where I can safely shoot up to 1000 yards. Thats my goal.
I've used Winchester cases set at 3.440 Overall case length using 210 gr Berger in my Remington Sendaro 300 winchester mag and have not problem with it. Now I do load a little hot but that sure not cause the problem you have. How are you seating it?
BE ADVISED! Hornady sells TWO DIFFERENT types of ONE SHOT sprays. The RED label is CASE LUBE for sizing. The BLACK label is Gun Cleaner and Dry Lube, for cleaning guns NOT for sizing.

Is it possible you inadvertently purchased the wrong One Shot Spray? This happened to me and a buddy; unfortunately he got a 223 case stuck in the die but was able to remove it without destroying the dies.

Once we figured out the culprit, we promplty tossed out the BLACK label One shot, never to purchase again. I keep my reloading stuff on one side of the bench, cleaning stuff on the other side, to avoid confusion.

Well come to find out the dies I bought, the full length resizer, decapper die is defective, my father inlaw came over and checked out my set up and did every just as I did and got the same results. So we called RCBS and they want me to send both sets of dies back to them along with the brass. I tell you what the next rifle I buy is going to be more popular then this one. So far the only company I have found that makes dies for the 300RUM is RCBS. My next gun is going to be a 7MM. So for now my coming up with a new load is put on hold......again. First because I didn't have all the components I needed and now defective tools. When will the maddness ever end.
I guess I should have looked a little harder, hornady in fact makes dies for the 300RUM. Might have to see if cabelas has them in stock.
Just a quick question, out of all the companies that make reloading dies, is there one brand that people have had better luck with??? I am doubting RCBS now after getting two sets of bad dies, from two different stores. I was thinking it was me, but my father inlaw has over 40 years experience with reloading and he double checked the way I had them set up and I didn't do anything wrong. But have them boxed up and will send them back to RCBS along with the case it ruined, but all told they ruined about 12 cases. Might have to check out others and get another set just to be on the safe side.
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