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  • I rebuilt my 300RUM this year and made the 2 mile club in Utah. Shooting 30" Luthar Walthar SS barrel pushing 210 ABLR @ 3308fps behind a Nightforce ATACR 7X35X56 scope. 2 hits on 6th 10 round volley. 36" round steel. Started out at 2500yds and hit final at 3522yds. Really nice group of people from all over the US, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada and Germany. Expensive endeavor but what excitement!
    You still kicking and shooting? I haven't been doing much of anything.
    Sometime I would love to go to the long range area on Kuna Road, unless you have knowledge of a better place, with you. I have several new 12" steel targets that we could put some lead on if it interested you. Let me know.
    Freebird, I heard u know a lot about reloading the 300 RUM. I bought a sendero gen. 1 and would like your experience on reloading for my rifle. When u have time. Thanks!
    freebird, I have same scope with MOAR, illuminated, Nightforce flip-up lense covers. C535 capped elevation turret. One year old. will sell for $1150 shipped. Can text pictures to you. 724-366-2349
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