Dies for the 338 Edge?


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Jan 20, 2007
I already have a set of .338 RUM dies and I was wondering if there was any reason I can't use a RUM seating and neck sizing die along with a 300 RUM body die to load the Edge? Am I missing anything here or will this set up work?

Thanks for your help!

Am I missing something?

I use a set of 338RUM dies to load for the Edge. The Rum sizing die is backed out of the press to accomidate the longer 300RUM case. SO if I now have an Edge case and run it back into the 300RUM sizing die will I not have returned it to 30 caliber?

Are you referrring to removal of the bushing in the 300 Rum prior to sizing the body of the Edge?

I have yet to use anything but my 338RUM sizing die on the Edge.

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