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  • Do you live in the same state as they do/did business? That would make all legal matters *much* less complicated. I'd begin an exhaustive search on the (former?) owner (either an individual or some other legal entity) and try to make contact. The old saying, "you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar" carries more than a little truth.... If no response, than contacting an attorney in that state would be a great starting place.

    Do you have cancelled/endorsed payment checks, credit card statements or some other proof of payment? That helps solidify to a judge/magistrate actual financial loss. Also, do you have phone records that detail your attempts to contact them? These are easy to acquire pieces of "evidence" that will help you when/if you retain legal counsel (they will request it anyway - it's good to have it on hand).

    Sorry I'm not a better/professional source of info, but the aforementioned is what I would do were I in your situation.
    There is a lot involved in these matters and I'm neither an attorney nor an "expert" so take the advice for what it cost... However, in the interest of helping out, some of what you can do doesn't require expertise. The biggest hurdle is simply understanding every component to the contract/agreement made between the parties - you and Barker Machine (expectations/criteria, timeline and price) and following the money trail.
    Hello. I found a post from 2013 about Barker Machine taking money and producing no product. Long story short, he has a lot of my money and now I can't find his website nor reach him at his old numbers. Any info or advice? Thanks

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