Which reloading dies for the .338 Edge?


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Oct 8, 2009
Hi all -

With all these awesome .338 caliber cartridges (thinking specifically about the .338 Edge), what/whose reloading dies are folks using?

I used to use a RCBS "Competition" bullet seating die for my .300WM and *really* liked it b/c it was sooo easy to use/adjust as well as simply feeding bullets into the case mouth. I think it's now called the "Gold Medal" something something... Are folks using these for the big .338 Edge?
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Is Shawn the *only* place to get dies? Are they strictly custom order from a machine shop?
No, not the only place. Just the most convenient, and he can answer any questions you might have on the EDGE.
I'm considering an edge as well , If it were me I would do 2 things 1st call redding myself just to check the price from them. 2nd I would call jim see at center shot rifles his # is (715) 884-2128 he told me that you can use a set of .338 ultra dies and I think that their somewhat cheeper he is a great fella to talk with he has always answered my questions and I haven't bought anything from him yet.

Thanks for the replys!

My thought was that if i go the .338 Edge Way, maybe i could use the RCBS Gold Medal .338 Ultra bullet seater die (.338 is .338 after all) and figure out my options for full-size and neck re-sizing dies.

Initially i was thinking of the most convenient "precision" bullet seater.

However, i'm also interested in which sizing dies are *best* as related to case/neck sizing given the specifics of shoulder angle/body taper for the Edge.

I'll contact Mr. Carlock/Mr. See for their professional opinions.

Thanks again!
I load for the 300 RUM which is the parent case for the EDGE. I use a Redding Type S bushing neck die and body die. If I was going to rechamber for the EDGE I would just get another bushing for that neck and get 375 Ultra brass and neck it down. This of course requires neck turning, but is the way to go IMO. No fire forming required. I believe the 338 RUM bullet seater could be used but that case is a little shorter than the 300 RUM. If it was too short to seat the longer 338 bullets into the 375 (or 300) case, you could get the 300 seater with the 338 insert.

Also, I'm not sure yet if the FL die is a better option over the neck and body dies. The FL die would be just one sizing step.

Something to think about.

Thanks Mark - i think?!? :rolleyes:

I wondered how to get brass for the Edge, knowing fire-forming had to be a part of it somewhere. The .375 Ultra looks *wicked* in every way and using that brass is a nice "short-cut".

Honestly, i'm conflicted about which caliber platform to go with for elk - especially given the long-range tendencies. I've generally settled the cartridge dilemma between which .308 cartridge to use for medium-long range being the 300 RUM.

However, i have this nagging in the back of mind, "Is .308 enough or will .338 be better?". I'm trying to balance this with a 1-rifle battery for deer and elk..... Would .338 Edge be wayyyyy over-kill for whitetails.....(OK, probably not!!!) Would that cartridge be too much for shorter ranges? Probably a much better question.

At this point the discussion is all research b/c i'm not living in the States right now and not sure when i will.

Thanks again!!!!

With the quality of 30 cal bullets availbale, I feel the 300 RUM is a good 1K rifle for elk and a fair rifle out to 1100--1200 yds depnding on bullet/load/ conditions etc. With a GS HV 177 it would be a good 1300 yd + elk killer.

IMO, there is no such thing as overkill. And at closer ranges the lower velocity of the 338 would probably be less destructive than the higher velociteis of the 300 depending on bullet and placement, etc.

The 338 EDGE (or RUM, or Lapua) of course will deliver a bigger payoad and make a bigger hole and reach just a little farther. All else being equal the 338 would be a more effective killer, but... the 300 will get the job done with good placement.

The 300 RUM is a cartridge that I can shoot without a brake by using a slip on recoil pad which can be removed for hunting if desired. I hate brakes. So, that is what prevents me from going with the 338. I might be able to shoot it with the pad, but I'm very happy with the 300

Speaking of elk.... it's time to go look for a couple of cows :D
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