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Jun 11, 2010
greenwood, IN
did anybody here catch the story of the old lady in Connecticut that wanted to turn in a rifle on the gun buy back purchshing program? She showed up with a rifle she found in her attic that must have been brought home by her late husband. It was a STGW 44 (actually a 45) in mint condition! Guess they have to pay her what it's worth, and they wouldn't buy it back as it was worth way too much money (estimated between $30K and $40K). The rifle was so clean that it's mesuem quality. It and the Hungarian Assault Rifle are the two rarest AK type rifles ever built, and I doubt you could touch a mint condition one for $50K

a few years back there was an old guy that had one close to me. His was a real STGW44 (milled reciever) as I was told (I never actually saw the rifle). I heard him shooting it a couple times and it just had it's own sound, but he was always gone by the time I got to the range. I did manage to pick up a few dozen cases off the ground, and gave most of them to buddies of mine that collected brass. Never seen anything like item, and nobody else had as well (about 30 years ago). Cases were copper plated steel, and the head stamp was very oddball looking. I took a half dozen cases into the platting room and had the copper stripped off them to get a better look at them. They were German!

99% of all STGW's are 45's and not 44's (even the NRA guy is incorrect). The 45's had the stamped reciever, and went into production sometime in 1944. Sussposedly the STGW45's were used in the very early days of Vietnam by the VC, but never saw any evidence. I do know they had used a few MG42's as well as some others using new manufactured Mausers off the same pattern.
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