Craigslist for guns

We saw the incoming traffic from this thread and wanted to make ourselves available for questions and suggestions.

Thanks for all the positive feedback.

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At least theres not a "personal" section. :)

Don't worry, we have no plans for a personals area, haha.

It is funny that craigslist was and is well known for facilitating prostitution, but their terms ban guns....

At least you don't have to sort through a bunch of crap to find the guns on, they're the focus of the site.

Thanks again for the kind words. Tell your friends!
About time.:) great site. I've got some firearms I want to sell...this could be the ticket.
geargrinder, upillar-I see they allow selling of firearms...sweat. Thanks for sharing.
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Great another site to spend money at . Already seen a few toys for sale locally to look at. Thanks for the heads up on this site.
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