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Jan 6, 2003
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One of the biggest reasons I use the top end brass is its conscistency. With the Lapua brass in 308, it has all been the same from lot to lot over several years for me. Same dimensions, same weight ect... They also all weigh dang near the same so I know the case capacity is near perfect from case to case. Also it lasts longer than win or rem.

This is just what works for me.
So what are the advantages of high quality Lapua or Norma, etc. brass over Winchester and Remington?

Does the high quality brass handle higher pressure better? Is the Win/Rem brass softer and more likely to experience imprints from the ejector?
I think nowadays, with all the brass prep work that folks do, if you are not doing bench shooting, then there may be no real diferance. Funny thing, folks buy the Lapua and Norma brass for the higher quality, but do all the things to it that folks that buy Winchester brass do. The big question should be-Who is winning all the matches? What brass are they using? I have heard of more and more folks going back to Winchester. I would say, though, that Lapua is best, with Norma comming up a close second. Of course, availability has a lot to do with it. And word of mouth. It would be funny to see everyone at a match switch to Winchester brass. Wonder what the differances would be, if any!
Generally speaking the Lapua and Norma brass will be more consistent in weight and dimensions. I have to go through 300 pieces of Win brass to get 80-100, while I can buy 200 Lapua and end up with 180 pieces.

Still have to turn necks, etc but I do not end up with lots of unusable brass.

GEEEEEZZ, no biter's! I was surprised to check this out and not see some serious responses. Lapua is the standing champion of brass, as we speak. Case wall consistency would be the major factor, I would say. Piece to piece, but whooeee is that stuff spendy. I would guess that those who use a custom action, with a match barrel could see the major differances before most of us who shoot factory actions.
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