Bipod backcountry hunting.


Jan 13, 2023
Working on getting my rifle set up.
Those that go backcountry hunting can you recommend a good bipod to put on my rifle. It will be attached to a picatinny rail. Would like to if all possible to stay under $250 and still get a light weight sturdy bipod. Let me know any. Any insight will be appreciated.
Can a bipod extend to 40”+, how much does one weigh that can reach 40”+, does it hinder the natural balance of the rifle for a quick offhand shot? Can it also serve as a walking stick when climbing steep, possibly slick grades, or help navigate through snow covered deadfall? Inquiring minds!😉 memtb
Awesome thanks for the suggestion. Let me know when you need some help taking care of those whitetail out there. I lived in Dubuqie and loved it there
I've been pretty pleased with the Javelin bipod and they can't be beat for light weight. Their no frills version is 145. I do have their pro-hunt though which just a shade higher than your price range at 270
idk man, this forum talks a big game, but I found there are very few who do real bivy/expedition/trek type hunting.

As someone who handles a fair amount of weight wellin the backcountry, I wouldn’t waste the weight bringing the bipod. Use a tripod with a hog saddle and get good at it. It will give the most stability than a long *** tripod.

Why? Well, half the time we hunters are using it for glassing anyways….so at least it would have multiple purposes especially using with quick attach plate or arca mounts.

Next, imagine getting in the prone just to find out the grass, bush, brush, rocks or whatever is in your way….

You want to build a shooting position where you have a good lane. I personally find that rarely it’s on the ground, but it might depend where you hunt. On the fly it’s pack or trekking poles.
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