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Jim’s Hunt

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Jan 14, 2021
Meeker colorado
Not what anyone that has one on order wants to here.......... X caliber seems to be hit or miss. Some guys speak well of them with no complaints. I figure most barrels are OK but they sure seem to have higher dud rates than other established match barrel manf. I know for a fact gunsmiths have sent multiple barrels back for being out of spec. You may get a very good barrel 🤷 Working up loads and shooting groups is the only way to really know for the end user.

There are enough people happy with their x-caliber prefits and blanks that have commented in xcaliber threads, if you do a search, to give you a warm and fuzzy feel. In the end, the barrel either shoots or it doesn't. Since you already ordered, its sort of moot. If it turns out to be a real shooter; for that setup it does not matter how many bad vs good barrels they have spit out.

For me personally, knowing what I have seen reported I would choose not to use them given the other choices out there.
I’ve had 2 prefits that are great a 22 Creedmoor and a 25 Creedmoor both are 3/8” shooters I also have a match grade PacNor in 222 that isn’t that good so so any barrel is hit or miss


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Sep 29, 2017
I’m looking for opinions on what caliber you would recommend for ranges out to 650 yards or so, using 180 grain bullets, or similar. It would be strictly for hunting, in a bolt action, and be delivered via a 20-22” barrel...without a muzzle break. The lighter the better , and no, recoil is not an issue. i’m looking for a heavy hitter in the .30 caliber class.
The .338 was the first thing that came to mind though I am hopeful for feedback. I love short barreled big bore rifles, and with a thumbhole stock I feel at one wit my gun,
Thanks in advance for any feedback.
300RUM. And just in case you ever think bout 1000 yards. Same answer. 300RUM


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