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  • I went to the forum on the firing line that you suggested, and your credentials are shown there. You know your stuff. There is good stuff there. I agree that there is a lot of over complicating of stuff. I've been shooting for a long time, but just recently ventured into loading, custom rifles, and LR fascination. I would like to have a decent understanding of the basic principles to accuracy, and loading for accuracy. In the end, it doesnt have to be as complicated as some seem to be making it. You nailed it on the fluff.
    I read all your post's on firing line, as well as all the others on die adjusting. I'll be back on that forum, there seems to be much more there to learn than what I've seen here so far.
    I appreciate your willingness to educate amateurs like myself. I appreciate your service, and what you've done. Keep up the good work.
    We're not done yet. I've got much more to learn from you. Thanks!
    Hey Bart,
    What do I owe you for the lessons on loading? We're not done yet so put it on my tab. Seriously I appreciate the experience and knowledge.
    I see you are in Northern, Co., what part of Northern, Co.?
    I recently read one of your posts and was reminded of a forum I was on in the mid 90's, early days of the internet called TRN, I believe. I think it stood for threaded readable news. Anyway, the guru on that forum was named Bart Bobbit and he straightened me out about why I ran out of up adjustment on my .308 and guided me to get a scope base with 20 m.o.a. slope.

    I'm certain he was from Colorado since he sold me about 10 boxes of .308 Palma Brass, once fired, which I still have the in the original boxes! That wouldn't be you, would it?

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