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Mar 25, 2003
Does anyone know if the Burris Landmark 20-60x80 scopes will fit Harts Brackets, and if so, do the variable powers have any problems matching up?
I'm glad your asking this question, because I see these scopes on ebay alot. And I think a pair could be had at a good price. How are these optics? Boyd said he is putting a pair of the burris mini spotters together. I would love to see a pic of them when he is done! And hear how they turned out!
I cant complain about the quality, but I never had a so called good spotting scope (ie.swarovski,leica ect.)
Everybody that I talked to said that variable eye pieces cause terrible eye strain. It's to hard to get both eye pieces at the same exact power. I have two of the Burris 20-60x80 spotting scopes and they do not fit in bracket of my spacemasters. I had this idea also save your money.
Hey guys.. I talked to Bob Hart the other day and if I'm not mistaken he said he was now using the Burris Landmark spotters instead of Spacemasters.. FWIW.. JiNC

PS- I may have a Landmark 20-60 for sale here soon if anyone needs one..
You can't use a variable eyepiece in a spotter setup. Once a straight power eyepiece is used, in the Spacemasters Swifts or Kowas, they will be the best glassing you have used barr none. "NO" binocular make will be as good for prolonged viewing and I'm including Zeiss.

The variable eyepieces won't match up and the eye strain is unreal in the spotters.

Must be straight powers and 20X to 22X wide angles are the most used.

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Ok, here's a question for y'all... I was looking around Bushnell's sight the other day for the Spacemasters, and they only seem to come w/ variable power eyepieces nowadays. So where does one find 20-22x eyepieces for 'em?



Swift sells 22x WA eyepieces for their Panther Spotting Scope that will screw into the Spacemasters. I dont' have any experience with the Swifts but others have installed them in their Spacemasters say they are just as good as the Bushnells.

Does anybody have any "Big Eyes" for sale. Or does anyone know where to buy a new pair for under 700.00

How far are you planning on glasing and what are you hunting?

Reason I ask, I have a set of German Flak glasses that are 10X by 80mm that go on a tripod and are very good for glassing.
these are in very nice condition and I'm asking $500.00 for them.

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Not to try to undercut anyone. But for those on a limited budget, who need decent glass but don't have much to spend.

Bushnell makes a 16X50 pair of Binoculars that Wal-Mart sells for $70.

The clarity isn't on par with the top of the line names. But they will work fine for most hunters who are new to shooting long range. I've used them many times to find jackrabbits shaded up under a bush 1,000 yards out, and coyotes well over a mile out.

There is NO comparison between the 16X 50MM Bushnell handheld binoculars and the 10X 80 MM German Flak glasses.

The clarity of the German flak glasses is just about unsurpassed.

Many of us use these glasses for Longrange hunting and they are a superior optical unit to most anything else you will look through. In most cases you get what you pay for and a pair of handhelds are not in the running at all for a full days viewing compared to bigeyes.

If a person is getting into the LR game, one of the best investments is a decent pair of optics for clear viewing all day. Have not seen ANY hand held units that you can do that with yet.

Handhelds don't have the focal length or the eyepiece diameter that we can put into bigeyes or what the 10X 80MM Germans have.

A longrange hunter "must have" list;
1. An accurate longrange rifle.
2. A real good rangefinder preferably military.
3. An excellent set of optics and tripod for all day viewing the far mountains.
4. A hunting partner to spot the shot with a real good set of optics too.

$500.00 to $1250.00 is the going price for a decent set of optics/bigeyes.

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