big eyes?

John Baer

Sep 2, 2002
Some time ago I saw a discusion on a company or person whom hooked 2 spotting scopes together to get a super powerful binoculars. Can anyone give me any leads??
Try I have a pair of the 25-40x100 giant binos. They come with a wooden tri-pod & metal carrying case. Heavy @ 37 lbs. You can see .22 holes @ 400yds. .338 holes @ 1,000yds. The only down side is making two trips from the car to get them set up.
elk addict

John Phillips in PA specializes in bigeyes of all sizes from little back pack minis to the big military models. Prices are right and he has quality sets. He can set you up based on size and how much $.

(215) 757-5037

Good Luck

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