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Tim Behle

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Mar 16, 2002
McNeal, AZ
Can you tell me just exactly what are "Bigeyes" From what I have been reading from you folks they seem to me to be two spotting scopes arranged side by side on some sort of bracket. Am I right? Am I close? Do you have a picture you could post of some?

You are right on target as to what they are I do have a pic but no clue how to poast it sorry, if anyone could tell you more about it or have a pic of one it would be Darryl Have a good and safe weekend watch out for the nut cases on the road:Coyote Slayer
I can send you an Email with a pic of the bigeyes if you wish.
The bigeyes are two spotters together in an adjustable bracket and for tripod mounting.
They are Bushnell Spacemaster, Bausch and Lomb and Kowas in brackets.

I have put together about 50 sets over the years and one just went out to "Coyote Slayer" in Alaska.

Darryl Cassel

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Thanks for the pictures. Can you buy these brackets someplace or do these brackets have to be "Made at home"

The brackets are made by a few people and cost around $250.00 and up, depending on who made them. Sometimes you can find them cheaper when you buy at least 10 of them at a time.

Putting the tubes in and collimating them is the hardest part.

When I can find the Bushnell Spacemaster tubes (they don't make the same style we used in the past) and the "correct" eyepieces (22X wide angle) the whole outfit ready to use, costs $750.00 new. I was selling them for $695.00 but, the eyepiece price and older tubes went up in price.

You would need two Spacemaster 60mm tubes, two 22X wide angle eyepieces, the bracket and know how to collimate them.
You would probably have $700.00 to $750.00 in them if you did it yourself.

big eyeys can be very expensive and ineffeftive. several frinds, maybe bragging, said they spet 3500+ on the darn things. a much less expensive option is the orion 127mm spotting scope which comes with a 26mm lens for 62X which can be doubled with a 2x barlow lens for 124X. the scope, carry case, and matching tripod are around 500, caN BE FOUND MUCH CHEAPER. remember, the larger the eyepiece in mm, the less power. i have two, work wonders. go to, check around for spotting scopes. lots of info there. any questions call me a [email protected]
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