"Big Eyes"

The bracket was where most of the money went, about 350 . Heck I think I stole the 1 spotter at 96.00 with a 22wide eyepiece too !
I got that USA made tripod for 34.00!! That head is nice for scanning to!
Thats the cheapest brackets I have seen, they are typically around the $500 mark.
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That Mayb cheap for some people. Your right the meopta and swaro are more
So I made the trip to Lost Creek today. To my pleasure, they had Kowa 882 30x, Swarovski 25-50 Sts 80 snd 65s, Leupold and Meopta 82s 30-60 put together in brackets. We spent an hour glassing a ridge about 1200 yards away and a Mountain about two thousand yards away. We quickly narrowed it down to the Swarovski 80 mm, Kowa 882 and the Meopta 30-60 82mms. Then to the Swarovski and the Meopta's. The Kowa's were very close. These were both in the straight configuration. With the larger eye pieces on theSwarovski(diameter) compared to the 30x models, I had to have my face jammed into it to get the relief that I needed. It may be because the eye pieces were variable instead of fixed too, I am not sure, but I really struggled with them. We could not believe it, but I am favoring the Meopta's. My buddy was with me. He currently uses the straight STS's with the 30 x fixed eyepieces and he agreed with me, the Meopta's were better in that configuration. The problem is Swarovski does not make the 30x fixed eyepieces anymore.
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