Big Eyes???


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Mar 25, 2003
I will need to get a set of big eyes by this hunting season, and have some questions. If I purchase 2 spacemaster scopes, does it matter if they have the rubber coating. I have heard that some of the brackets may not accomodate them. Also, Do the old spacemaster 2 scopes have the same dimensions as the newer scopes. It almost seems that it would be better to buy the whole set already put together, as far as cost. The only place that I have seen, that sells these, is Hart's. Any other places?

There have been some of the 40 or so sets I have put together seen on here from time to time for sale.

Hart is using the Swift spotters because he is like most other people as of late, they can't get the Spacemaster tubes that we used in the past. They quit making the Black crinkle coat tubes without an eyepiece.

We now have to buy a Rubber coated tube with the variable eyepiece. You must then take out that eyepiece and discard it as it can't be used when you put two of these scopes together in a bracket.

The rubber armored Spacemasters can be used but, the front bracket housing must be made bigger to allow the scope to fit.

I have a bracket or two here but, no Spacemasters at present.

I was selling those for $695.00 with "one" set of eyepieces and they usually were the 20X to 22X.

For the money spent, the Spacemaster's were hard to beat when put togther in a bracket.

I do see some for sale from time to time and will certainly let you know if I find one.


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Thanks for the info. I was looking to buy a set on Ebay that was collimated by you, but they sold before the auction ended. They must be a hot item. Even the single scopes are going top dollar. If you come across any, please let me know. Thanks.


Jerry Phillips
PO Box L632
Langhorne PA 19047
(215) 757-5037

He always has quite a few sets for sale to include the little mini series big eyes, rangefinders, large binoculars, riflescopes, lr guns and shooting tripods and benches. He is supposed to be at the IBS Nationals in VA labor day weekend as vendor and shooter I think.


Jerry's prices leave a lot to be desired.

He sold one set of Swifts to a fellow for $900.00 that Hart sells for $750.00 to $795.00. I would have charged the guy $695.00 had I had the tubes.

I want to buy some bigeyes but can't find the bushnell spacemasters. What do you recomend If they are not making the good ones anymore, what is a good pair? Would you use the swift models or what?
Are you trying to sell your brackets for these? and if you are, would I come out better to buy the bracket from you and the swifts from some where else? Or just go through Hart?
What model swift, fits the brackets. I found 2 swift panthers online. will they work?
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