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Dec 18, 2012
I have a set of Kowa Highlanders with the Fluorite lenses and two sets of eyepieces. 20x and 30x. These are an awesome set of bino's for glassing up game. I also have the new Swaro BTX with the 85mm objective lens. Also another awesome piece of equipment. The Kowas are brighter with good reason. (Double Objectives) I sometimes like to look through straight spotters vs the angled.

Is anyone still putting two spotters together to make big eyes? I have seen swaro's and Leica put together in the past. Two of my buddies use the STS Swaros in 30x fixed put together and they are awesome. I know everyone claimed you could not use variable power scopes together because it was difficult to have them exact and caused excessive eye strain.
We have a shop nearby(30 miles)that has done many of them in the past. I will have to make the drive and see what guys are doing. You just don't here much about the brackets ect. anymore. He is Amish and does not have a phone.
I had seen those, they show discontinued for the swaro. They are what my buddies use. They may be the same. (Meopta and Swaro brackets) Europtics is about 90 miles from me. Might give them a call. Scopeslist is a sub of Europtic. Kevin is also about 90 miles away.

Thank you for the input!
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Nice, thats new. I wonder if it allows for adjusting the width for different viewers.
Thanks again
i recently gathered all the needed items to build a set of big eyes. "2 spotters, and different eyepieces. i got in touch with kevin at mcr. I told him i had all my gear and i was just waiting on his bracket. he said he was making brackets on the cnc as we spoke and said he would cerokote a bracket and call me asap. i took the drive down to kevins shop along with the gear. i spent a few hours at the shop with kevin b.s.ing about different binos and big eyes,
kevins brackets are about the nicest i have seen although i thought the bracket was a little pricey it is nicely built though. its very similar to the meopta style for sale on the market. eyepieces are getting harder and harder to come by, especially a matching set. i got lucky and had a fellow LR hunting forum member knew a friend with a few eyepieces and was kind enough to give him my contact info.
i ended up with a matching sets of 22WA , 25X, AND A SET OF 40X. If i find i like the 22 wides better than the 25x i may sell the 25's or vice versa.
PAWATER- Yes, the knob in pic allows you to change the width of the spotters. If there's anything i could help or answer for you feel free to pm me , Im also from PA.
BIG EYES 2.jpg
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That's cool, I know Kevin , been to his shop. Thanks!
I am familiar with that style, I couldn't tell if the ones Wedgy posted for the Vortex have the adjustable knob or not.

What are those spotters?
Spacemasters, glass on spotters and eyepieces are made in Japan . Kevin and I setup his kowa big eyes beside my pair. We both agreed that the glass was about the same, the kowas having bigger objectives were a little brighter.. Imo, I don't think the kowas were worth the extra money, and Kevin stated his get knocked out of collimation pretty easily compared to the spacemasters .
kevins brackets are about the nicest i have seen although i thought the bracket was a little pricey it is nicely built though.
What is a ballpark figure on "pricey" ?
I saved up years for my spotters LOL
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