Antelope at 1150 yards


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Jun 12, 2001
Potomac River
I arrived at Alcova Reservoir, west of Casper a day or so before antelope season opened. I had two doe tags in one unit a buck tag in an adjoining unit. On the fifth day of hunting I finally found a herd that was not too spooky and would allow me to set up. Being as the truck had been seen by the antelope I just parked it so the rifle could be laid over the hood. I set up the Kowa spotting scope, the Sony video camera, put the Swaro rangefinder on it’s tripod and opened the tailgate and got the rifle out of the case, slide the bolt in, attached the bipod and raised the cheekpiece.

The rifle is a 7mm Allen Magnum made by him on a Neishka single shot action with a Mac A5 stock, 34 inch Lilja four grove barrel and Defensive Edge four slot brake topped off with an 8-32X 56 NXS scope. Bullet is a Richard Graves 200 gr Wildcat at 3350fps,

I set the rifle up on the hood and got the rear bag out and put it in place. I ran Exbal with data from a Kestral purchased from Len’s Long Range Hunting store and used the G1 BCs stepped as tested by Bryan Litz in his book for the original 200 grain Wildcats made in Canada. As I remember it, I dialed in 19 MOA and no wind.

The antelope were feeding up a small draw that ran behind a knoll and there were animals on either side of the knoll and the range was 1150 yards no matter which side I choose. First, I set up on a doe on the left side of the knoll and was ready to fire anytime she gave me a shot but she walked back toward the main herd and I lost her behind the knoll. This meant realigning the camera and spotting scope on the animals on the right side of the knoll. Being as the buck was in that part of the herd I had to be careful and not shoot the little runt. I selected an animal and got the rifle aligned on her and after a short wait she gave me a nearly broadside shot. What you will see in the video is that she runs off the screen and I find her about 200 yards away. She was hit very well behind the shoulder with the bullet passing through the lungs and then through a portion of the intestinal cavity.

Got to meet a forum member from Missouri who was camped next to me and also got to get him to take the antelope so I dd not have to truck it all over Utah.

You will need to run the video on HD and then rewind a little after you see the dust from the impact to actually see the animal is hit. Shot is a little after 2:00 on the video.

[ame=]Antelope shot at1150yds.m2ts - YouTube[/ame]

Couple of pictures of the exit wound and entrance wound (see small stick poking out of the fur)


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Feb 2, 2005
Very impressive Jim, high five is in order!

You must have the patience of a preacher that's not me!

I'm impressed with the quality of the video, when watching it on full screen
I don't think is dust what's seen but blood spraying all over. Amazing!

The other thing that's impressive is being able to get a range reading at that distance on
an antelope on flat terrain... and you got it right, the proof is in the pudding.

Congratulations to you, excellent job!

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