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  • eaglet,For the loadbase 3.0 program to be loaded on a dell axim 51v from a computer that the os is windows vista and the axim does not want to sync with when the cables are plugged in how will the download workto get to the axim

    I like your knowledge of bullets and performance, can I add you as a friend and ask an occasional question. Sincere,y, Ed Tills
    I personally set the BC at 0.381 using BC7, this is Litz BC which works great,
    and I leave the DC right at 0.500 which is the default value.
    Hope that helps!
    Dear Eaglet,

    do you have handy the DC (Drag Coefficient) for 300SMK (338 dia).
    I tried to work to match the Load base with real field data ,and before plaing with other things i want to set right the DC.

    Thank you.

    I did some snooping and found that you live in Nevada..
    My Brother-inlaw lives there..great guy, great kids. he is a imagration
    Lawyer..he lives in LasVegas.

    Hey guy you live in Nevada? what town?
    Vincente Ochoa, me amigo.
    so you are an old man like me..1954/july
    Hey Brother, I got the Springfield but its still at the shop I just put a down payment on it..its a Smith Corona 03A3 the (1943)condition of the action is real good no rough spots all smooth.
    the face of the bolt was turned out the stock is just like the lite winchester..Schable designe.this guy spent a lot of time on it
    it has open sights no drill holes for a scope the bolt is jeweled
    if I keep this calibre I know I will have the bolt handle replaced.
    if I change it I would build a .270 for my daughter. I told Steve when I come in next week I will oil her down good and have a sock/case for her. this rifle I know will have some kick but I can survive.

    November 15th Deer season for rifle.
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