Advice needed on next varmint rifle


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Jan 17, 2006

I have been meaning to pick up a 22 Mag rifle, but got to thinking maybe a small 20/ 22 centerfire would be more in order. The local Dicks Sporting Goods has a 700 ADL stainless sporter and a 700 ADL Varmint (.820 at muzzle-matte blued-nonfluted- camo wrapped synthetic stock) each for $450 and I have a few reward dollars to drop that more. In the end, I would have as much in the 700 as I would in say a good 22 Mag from Marlin or Savage.

With that said, I was deciding between a 204 Ruger and 223 to do what a 22 Mag can and more, and decided on the 204, since I have two AR's that could always do with a varmint barrel setup for a future prairie dog hunt.

However, in the interest of a rebarrel job down the road, I thought about going the 22-250 route to already have a standard bolt face to either do an Ackley, or go to something bigger like a 7-08 etc.

Of course I could always stay with the 204 for the rebarrel. I already have a sporter 22-250 and VSSF II 220 Swift for the heavy lifting;)

When it woulc come time for the rebarrel, I would most likely have everything squared up, I am just not familiar with how much extra work it would be to open the small bolt face up to take the standard 308 base.

Lets hear it, and if I missed something, lets hear that too.

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