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  • Nosler
    200gr CT Ballistic Silver Tip (50 count-full box)
    200gr BT- factory seconds from Nosler (126 count)-- these have the gray tip like the Accubond
    200gr BT- factory first with Maroon tip (15 count) $45 shipped for all

    I will buy these, how would you like to be paid? Thanks

    I may be interested in your 338 RUM barrel. Please send me the following information:

    --Why was the barrel lapped and who did it?

    --What was the accuracy level of the barrel when it was shot?

    Please send the information to me at [email protected]


    Don't think they are the exact same, close but not exact. I have a 700P and wish I could trade it for the first generation Sendero stock. JohnnyK.
    Ken, The AR-10 is at my uncles about 120 miles away,he was going to bring it to my place,but due to a family emergency he was unable to.I had to pull out of the sale because I don't know when I would be able to pick it up and wouldn't be able to complete the sale in any sort of a timely manner so felt it was the right thing to do,Again I am sorry this happened, Chris
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