I have been thinking of a 338 in some Sherman variety.
I figure on a Tika action for around $700. Get a Barrell installed on the action. 700 or so and then getting a 95% inlet stock from Richards or like supplier for another 300- 500.
So that is close minus the glass of course. Then again I could be dreaming...
I did a 338 edge prefit oryx chassis. On mine.


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Winchester Model 70 Classic Stainless in .338 Win mag topped with a Leupold VX6-HD 2-12x42 loaded with 223 grain Hammer Hunters. Perfect.

Love the Avatar, 8 wheels of rolling thunder! I was a scout with 2nd LAR through the early 90s. 2 of my boys were also Mechs in 1st and 3rd LAR.
I picked up this ole thing from Defensive Edge, with a Nightforce scope, for more than your budget. If you leave the scope out of the mix you can probably get close though.

I haven't shot beyond 800 yards with it. If I miss... I know I did something wrong.

The .30-.30 was my dad's. He bought it well before I was born so it's... uh... older. I had it on the 300 yard bench to keep the .338 Edge aka .338-300 aka necked up .300 RUM honest. I always load a 300 grain SMK (.338).

I shot sub moa with the .30-.30 AND I used a mirror. <-- straight up lie. I had hell shooting the .30-.30 at 100 yards. Open sights and suboptimal eyesight aren't a good match. The .338 usually shoots in the 1/4 MOA range if I load them right and shoot well.

Within $2000
Savage 112 Magnum Target in 338 LM - mine was about $ 750 brand new in the box, can still be had via Academy for $1,050.

I bought mine specifically to take the barrel off..... and didn't. It's been a hoot to shoot how it came, to the point I've given up and ordered two new actions with 338LM bolt faces since I got it. Easy peasy 2k yard rifle, even with a sub-$1K Athlon scope. Not as good as my uber-fancy custom 338 Edge, but for less than $2,000 to get it on the firing line and running it's been a deal. Still shooting the Hornady cases from factory loads ($130 for 20, screw you Cabela's!), with Midway 250gn HPBT second's for bullets, Ramshot LRT, Winchester mag primers, and send it.

The first five shots did NOT stack on themselves - more like 2" at 100 yards. And the button rifling coppered up an insane amount. But with handloading and more shots on the barrel it settled in to a solid 1MOA rifle so far.
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dustinfew, if you could give more complete as to you wants/needs it will help eliminating irrelevant answers to your post,

Example: desired total rifle weight (scoped, loaded, slung), expected range to be used, hunting or paper/steel, factory ammo or strictly hand loaded. These is just an example of the information we need to better answer your question! memtb