In a big case and 300g bullets it is in my opinion the best choose for long range work.
Crow Mag
I had the opportunity to fire one today out to 200 Yards, (all we could do). It was awesome! Recoil with Armalite brake was less than my Savage BVSS in .308, and not much louder. Nice round!

Frank D
Glad to hear yer opinions. Now...are you talking bout the .338 or .338 RUM or some wildcat round?

In a few months I am planning on building a long range rifle and it seems now's a good time to start getting info/opinions.
I fired the .338 Lapua, only suggestion is you better hand load for it. The ammo costs big $$$$.

Frank D
I shoot 3 guns in 338 Lapua (IMP). A 338/RUM 333/416 338/408 would work also just depends how fast you want to push the 300 to 350g bullets.
Crow Mag
I have read your post's on your 338 Lapua Mag Imp Nawaska (sorry I know I mis-spelled it) but are you kidding me a 338/408 Chey-Tac please tell me more about it, I am fascinated.
Thanks B
I have been thinking about having a barrel chambered for the 338/408 for my HG if the 350g bullets work in the 338 Nawakwa I will be getting a 40" barrel and new bolt for my 10" Bat and have Bruce Bear chamber it for the 338/408 and see what it will do here is a pic

Crow Mag
thanks for the pic.let us know how it works out it sounds very interesting.
what could possibly be left after that cartridge a 408/50bmg Imp ?????
Crow Mag - You've got me rethinking my idea of a 32 inch Lilja target SS 1.250 6 inches then taper to .875 or so using Lapua 338. My thoughts also included a 2 inch brake bringing the barrel length to 34 inches.

Correct me if I'm wrong. We did some extensive testing in .277, .284, & .30 using the heavier bullets in each class. Comparing identicle loads using slightly hotter powders like 4831,r-22, 7828, MRP in 24 inch barrels vs. 28 inch.

Then and slower powders like 7828, h1000, r-25 h-870 in 26 inch vs 30. We were looking at chrono readings and the gains of FPS with optimized powders for barrel length. Of course it proved that a longer barrels can take advantage of slower powders and have increased FPS.

What I did find is that the speed between 28 and 30 inch followed the law of diminishing returns. That's why i kind of limited my barrel idea to 32 inches.

Your planing on 40 inches. Am I wrong in thinking that the speed increase is minimal over a 34 including a 2 inch brake?

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We want the most velocity we can get and still be very accurate. I am talking about a bench rifle around 70 to 90 pounds with at least a 1.450 to 2" barrel no taper in a barrel block. Not something you would want to carry far. I am hoping to get the 350g ULD bullets to a velocity around 3200 fps with a bc of around .920 shot at an elevation of 10,000" above sea level this would shoot very flat at ultra long range and have a substantial amount of energy. I have a 338 Lapua IMP that is in a LG #17 with a 1.250 HV taper 10T 29 1/2" barrel + brake this rifle works excellent for a rifle that is easy to carry and shoot off a bipod.
Dan Lilja did a test on the 338/378 here is a link. http://www.riflebarrels.com/articles/bullets_ballastics/long_barrel_velocity.htm

Crow Mag

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Very interesting read. My two target/hunting guns are sub 20 pounders and I've learned how to keep changing arms while humping the mountians. I'm hoping to manage a 34 inch.

40 - 42 inch does get that little extra FPS

I've hunted at 9000 feet near tree line. This summer i saw elk bedded down in meadows at 12,000 feet. But they would be way off the mountian during hunting season.
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