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Sep 12, 2007
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gun)Of the mainstream 338s wich have the best long range performance?I dont want to build one that is going to make brass buying a long term investment,wich are the most affordable?
Of the mainstream; 338 lapua and the 338 Rum or 338 edge are all real close in performance, obviously the rum gives a little up in velocities.

Lapua brass is about $230 per 100
300 rum brass for the edge is about $85 per 100
338 rum brass I can't say for sure but probably in the $80-90 per 100.

The 338 win mag would be a step down from the above, This is a good round and if your not intrested in launching 300 grain bullets, it is probably a reasonable choice with bullets of 250 gr and less. I would guess that brass is running somewhere around $60 per 100.

Not much else is mainstream, 338 federal? 338-300wsm? 338 Allen mag?
How scarce is the edge brass or can it be made?What kind of fps are they getting with 200 and up projectiles?

The 338 Edge is the 300 RUM necked up with no other changes.
The 338 Lapua and the 338/378 Wea. are both factory loaded rounds. I went with the 338 Lapua because of the brass quality of the Lapua made bras. 338 Lapua bras made by Norma or Hornady will cost less than the brass made by Lapau and the quality and strenght are reflected in that cost rduction.

338/378 Wea. Brass is made by Norma. Norma brass is very good quality like the Lapua brass but a bit softer and thus not as strong as the Lapua brand brass
sO 338 rum BRASS resized in a die?Whats the most popular weight in this caliber beibg used by u guys?

No, the 338 RUM brass is shorter than the other RUM cases. The 338 Edge is the 300 RUM case necked up to 338 caliber with no other changes to the case dimensions. Not a reformed 338 RUM at all
How does the 338AM compare in performance?I picked up this 300 win mag nfor next to nothing yesterday with plans of using the acton for another 7mag project but who knows when Ill find another brand new action so cheap,I can use an existing 7mag for the project.I have been planning on a 338 build for next year but now Im leaning towards doing the 338 this summer.Dont want to get into a build with 6 month waiting lists for brass with this Obama BS w\messing S%$^ up.Thanx for all the info Guys.
338 AM is ~ 500 fps faster than 338 Edge/338 Lapua with the 300 gr SMKs.

The 338 AM is in a different league compared to the Edge & Lapua & RUM.
338 AM is ~ 500 fps faster than 338 Edge/338 Lapua with the 300 gr SMKs.

The 338 AM is in a different league compared to the Edge & Lapua & RUM.

Yes it is and it's based off of the 408 Chey Tac case not easy to obtain and it is expensive.

The 300 win action magazine will need to be lengthened for the 338 Edge or Lapua. and is most certainly not suitable for the 338 AM
The action itself or the mag well?

The magazine well will have to be opened up for the 338 Edge and the 338 Lapua. The action is not suitable for the 338 AM that round is based off of the 408 Cheytac case which is based off of the 505 Gibbs. It require a larger action
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