338 Edge on a Factory Striker


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Oct 2, 2008
Kodiak, Ak

Its been a couple months coming but it is here. Not sure how many handguns are out there in the 338 X 300 RUM (338 Edge)but I have mine now. This project actually started some time ago when the muscle brake was tested on the 338 X 300WSM and then the 338 Win Mag. Finding them pleasant to shoot after making some minor adjustments I took the plunge.
I purchased a Striker from afar and had it delivered to Jim at centershotrifles.com. The same day I called Ron at Benchmark barrels and ordered the lightest large shank 3 groove, 19 inch barrel he could safely make.
Savage Striker factory stock and action
19" 3 groove Benchmark barrel
Barrel chambered and installed along with specially modified Muscle brake in 338 Edge by Jim!
Paint by centershot rifles .com
Back from the factory Burris 3X12 BP scope

I and Lisa are up to it in a huge remodel at the facility. I took a break and was camped at the range at daylight and what is pictured are 3 shot groups only and the first and only 12 bullets down the barrel. The velocity I will not publish at this time because I think they were too high. I will take the other chrony out Friday weather permitting and double check the results. I need to do a trigger job on this beast as the trigger has got to be 7 or 8 pounds. If the PACT registers anywhere near what I got today then I will be one extremely happy guy. I can say that with 93 grains of H4831 which is a top load in the 338 Rum I am at 338 Win Mag rifle velocites with lots of room for more powder.

Video to follow as Lisa won't have time for several days to get it done. The muscle brake was absolutely amazing! Very pleasant handgun to shoot with no muzzle rise so to speak.
Top to bottom targets. 1: 93grs H4831 (was used in all data with all bullet) 200 grain Accubond
2. 225 grain Accubond
3. 210gr Partition
4. 225 gr Barnes MRX

The white dot is 1"

I am not sure if Jim has published the following data before me or not. His wife is an audiologist and has some very expensive sound measuring equipment. Jim used the 260 Remington rifle as a base test, minus a brake and measured the decibel sound to the shooter at 119. He then took his 7 RUM with muscle brake which holds twice the powder of the 260 Rem and registered a 121. decibel to the shooter reading.
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WOW! Very nice. I'm really looking forward to hearing a range report and some velocities. I have been considering building an SP in this caliber but thought I would go with a target action instead of the striker. I have a super striker in 6.5 x 284 that I might do as God and Savage intended and use as a switch barrel gun and try the .338. So, please keep us posted on how this project progresses.
Thanks for sharing.

My shooting has gotten poor over the years so thought I needed something, that if I came close the ground pound/shock would kill those smaller critters.
The rest would just be shocked and amazed giving me an opportunity for annother shot.


YouTube - 338 Edge velocity testing

Thank you Ernie: Two years in the making and I am now done!

Wow real nice! I don't have a pistol Edge, but my rifle chambered in .338 Edge wears a short (17.75) barrel. How is the muzzle blast with the muscle brake? Mine has a harrels precision brake and is horible. I haven't done much load development yet, but have had a 250 SMK to 2850 using H1000. I've been thinking about picking up some 225 Nosler Accubonds and a little faster powder. I'll be real interested in your results with the short barrel.

Zeb, the best part about the Muscle brake is that the concusion felt with most every other brake is absent with the muscle brake. By design the brake cuts off the back blast.

I did do some decibel testing with a sound meter from my wifes work place.

On flat level groun, grass covered, with the measuring instrument placed next to my right elbow, facing the muzzle, while shooting off a small table.

My unbraked 260 remington measured 119.4db
My 7RUM w/ Muscle brake measured 122.1db

Not sure what you are looking for in Velocity. I am very happy with 2900+fps and the 225gr Accubond. I am a hunter first so with the .550 BC this handgun hits with 2200foot pounds at 500 yards. It will take anything I need for it to do. I just loaded up fifty rounds and I am standing pat right where I am. I have more case capacity but the accuracy is exceptional.

That Muscle brake was built for handgunners. I too have shot many,many brakes and can't take the back blast. This brake has zero back blast as Jim has indicated. Go to centershotrifles.com and watch the rifles print pattern in the grass of this small brake on a 7 Dakota. The owner actually watched through the scope while the bullet impacted the target.

I use H4831

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