300wsm vs 270 weatherby


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Jan 22, 2012
Flemington NJ
I have a friend of mine who wont stop about his 270 wby. so i looked up his ballistics and it is very similar to a 300 wsm,and in alot of cases shows more energy. He also thinks it is a better elk gun . I personally do not think so , but he puts forth a good arguement. A little help please!


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Mar 1, 2012
While I like both, I think the 300 WSM offers a lot more flexibility and opportunity for larger bullet selection. It also will be cheaper to buy ammo for in the store. for me it would be the 300 WSM if I were looking at large animals (Elk, Moose, etc) If you're only looking at deer size animals then I don't think it's as big a deal. the 300 WSM is also very easy to reload for and meet factory ballistics, I don't know if that is so true for the 270 Weatherby.


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Dec 23, 2009
LaPine Or.
My two out of three of my favorite calibers 270 & 300.
(Not necessarily cartridges, but calibers).

Guess it'd depend on the bullets used, & also a good deal on personal preference. They're pretty close, but, when comparing cartridges with very similar ballistic numbers, I always give the nodd to the larger caliber where Elk size critters are concerned. Just my opinion, & this philosophy has served me well.

Not at all dissin on the 270. It's PLENTY CAPABLE of dumping an Elk at LR with the right bullet. Like I said its one of my three favorite calibers of all time. 270, 300, & 338. Just doesn't get any better.

FYI if you wanna run JBM or something like it, with Simmilar BC hunting bullets, at simmilar realistic velocity, try comparing a .277 cal 140 Accubond with a .496 BC at 3100+' fps (270Roy) to a .308 cal 180 Accubond at 3100' fps with a .505 BC (300WSM)
Ya I realize these aren't the "heavies" but they're common for caliber & very very Simmilar for flight, etc & commonly used for deer/elk size game at ranges from 0-650 +/-

If you want a bit more range, & are willing to compare dedicated Long Range Only rigs, Throw the Matrix or Berger bullets in the mix & you just tipped over the cookie jar! It's anybody's guess on any given day depending on barrel length, twist rate, case capacity, SD, BC, etc. my initial guess would be the 270Roy would edge out the 300WSM due to case capacity alone. The 300WSM just doesn't have the capacity vs bore diameter ratio, to shove the heavy, super BC bullets at a competitive enough speed to take advantage of them.

Given that my style of hunting is 0-650 ish, & I shoot 140AB's at 3100 from my 270WSM, & 180AB's at 3100 from my 300WSM I have my "deer gun, & my elk gun" for my average hunting scenario that I'd typically encounter.
If I wanted to go "Long" I'd use a big 338, but that's just me.

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