30-06 Hunting Bullet


Oct 20, 2011
What bullet would you recommend for long range hunting in the '06? I am considering something heavier than the 165/168 grain and would be using it on antelope, elk, deer. When my skill level is developed I want to eventually take the cartridge to its maximum effective range on these game animals. Thoughts?
If Nosler gets it to the shelves the 190 Accubond Long Range will be on my must try list. In the present I like the 200 Accubonds.
[FONT=&quot]190gr Berger 58g H4831 2680fps. Good load in my rifle...work up! Like HARPERC says the new 190gr Accubond ALR w/ Reloader 17 should be very interesting in the 06.[/FONT]
180grain Accubond! Great BC for 30 caliber and accurate. Try with H4350 or RL19.
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