Wyoming Whitetail


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Jan 19, 2008
Yoder, WY
I finally got my big whitetail! As for the long range shot, Savage LRH 6.5x284, 127 grain Barnes LRX at 20 yards lol. We saw them around 500 yards away then the two bucks disappeared in a creek bottom. I walked the creek for about 1/8 of a mile working through the tall wheatgrass and cattails. I got to the end and decided I hadn't checked an old oxbow good enough. I went a hundred yards back and looked at the cattails. All of a sudden he jumped out of the spot I was directly looking at. I had not seen him at all. I shot him as he lunged up the bank. I took a few pictures and rested about 10 minutes when the second buck jumped out from the same cattails about 15 yards away. I had walked by both of these bucks twice. The first one jumped when I stopped and looked directly at where he was bedded. If he would have stayed there I would have never seen him. He must have been laying flat on the ground in the cattails. I did recover the bullet that went through about a foot of spine. It was fully expanded and only missing one petal. I did not find the one through the shoulder.


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I've hunted whitetails over 20 years and it amazes me that sometimes they will sit tight like a covey of quail in a foot of snow. Nice buck.
Outstanding deer there my friend.

Some days you just gotta take luck for what it is. You spend all that time being ready for that "once in a lifetime long range shot, and this is what God gives you instead.

Sure beats the opposite though. Think of how many people never prepare for it and never then get within 600yds of such a trophy.
It's amazing how often backtracking turns up a surprise. I've looked at that bullet are you using the recommended 1-8"twist?
I do have the 1:8 twist. My friend and I are both happy with the bullet. He uses it in a 7mm Rem Mag.

Thanks for the compliments. I will take a shot on a nice buck at close range. lol I didn't think I would get a deer this year. Let alone a really nice one. I have a big mule deer and since the mule deer bucks are in rapid decline in my part of southeast Wyoming I am not going to shoot a mule deer unless it is a really good one. Not because I am only a trophy hunter, but because the G and F only allows you to shoot mule deer bucks or any whitetail we don't have many mule deer bucks at all. I hunted over a big area and only saw two fork horns. I really wanted a big whitetail and , as of that morning, I really didn't think I would shoot a deer. I really appreciate our neighbor who let me hunt. Most of the land here is private and the G and F is catering to outfitters now. It is pretty disappointing because I usually let about 20 people antelope hunt. People really appreciate it and I can help people get an antelope.
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