2019 Wyoming Whitetail


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Jan 21, 2008
Just returned from my annual Wyoming Whitetail/Antelope hunt located in the foothills of the Bighorns. Spotted this drop-tine the first day and stuck with him. Shot him at 9AM the last day of my hunt. Had a few chances at him during the week between 500 and 1100 yards but all were too iffy due to wind variation, low light, and movement....lots of frustration! He was a loner and very cautious. For the last morning took a gamble, positioning well before light above a funnel we believed he was using to bed during the day. Well after sunrise we spotted him coming iin from 1200 yards, never offering a clean shot due to movement and obstacles. Lost him in a ditch at 500 yards. About 20 minutes later he appeared in our funnel offering a clean 300 yard shot. Used my 6.5x284 with 142 JLK VLD at 2988FPS. Broadside heart shot, full penetration, DRT.
Congrats.....darn nice Whitetail! How am I ever gonna get a nice one, if you guys keep kill’n all the good ones. I won’t ask exactly where you got him, but, “Where did you park the truck”? memtb
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