Will Pay $20.00 per Coyote..Video Resume

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Feb 6, 2010
Santee , south carolina usa
Will Pay $20.00 per Coyote..Video Resume

I'm getting the itch to make a road trip out West to chase some coyotes, so I'm posting this resume to see if anyone has a place for me to hunt by myself or preferably with someone who is into coyote hunting... I'll even pay you 20 bucks for each coyote that I kill. I would probably even pull my hunting Mobile Blind rig out there as well. Let me know if you have any thoughts.... thanks...Dan

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What is amazing is that I thought that if I posted a thread like this, that I would have so many people contacting me that i would have to go get a bank loan in order to pay all those $20.00 bills... but NOT.... LOL.

In a sense... everyone is saying to me that they would rather have their coyotes instead of $20.00 bills. Hmmm.....
There is so much BLM out west that you dont need to even bother asking permission on private property to kill dogs...Get ONX maps, find the BLM and go kill some dogs. Its pretty hit or miss a lot of times out west for guys giving permission to be on their land, they simply just dont want you on their land. I've talked to a lot of people around my area and it's amazing how many guys dont want you to kill coyotes for whatever reason, even though they are a nuisance. Whether it be they want them for themselves, dont want them shot, or simply don't want you on their land. Dont take it personally, just the way most landowners are out west, unless you personally know them, good luck haha.
Contact the Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. They have a list of ranchers that allow hunters and may know where ranchers are having problems with coyotes. Many ranchers are difficult to get permission to hunt. I know two that have lost livestock, and will not let you on their property unless they know and trust you. Good luck and that is a cool mobile blind.
Rilow... thanks for the contact... and yes... I've taken a few in the past and they have been mostly good trips, but I'm now trying to start fresh again.

Ol' Red ... thanks so much for your tip about the Fish and Game Depts.... I will contact them if i go to that state or any other one.

remingtonman_25_06.... and thank you so much for your tips as well... I will defiantly contact you if I get into your area... I wish I was there right now...LOL. I have been giving Nevada some serious thoughts... Utah as well... sounds like they do have a ton of coyotes... but are there a ton of hunters as well??????
Not sure about Utah, dont here much about coyotes there, but I know you'd still have to buy a non res license. Nevada hardly has any people, nor any coyote hunters, definitely not enough to where you wouldnt have thousands and thousands of BLM acres to yourself. It is super desolate country. And like I said, you dont even need a license to hunt dogs there. That would be my first choice for 4 reasons, tons of dogs, tons of BLM, no people, and no hunting license needed.
I've always wanted to make the trip down to NV for a weekend as it's only about 5-6 hours from me, just never have done it yet. Nevada is like the mecca of dog hunting though. I've also read a lot of dogs down in AZ and NM, but not sure how much BLM land is down there, plus there is a lot more people, and you need to buy a non res license. Non res licenses arent cheap either way. But either way, there is a lot more opportunities out west than back east for LR coyotes, that is for sure. Coyotes are everywhere out here. Theres so many that we have government choppers fly around and shoot hundreds at a time, still doesnt put a dent in the population.
I’ve thought about a trip like this myself,just haven’t made it happen yet.daniel do you plan on camping or staying in town?
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