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Feb 15, 2009
Not sure if this is the right place to start this thread other than it's gunsmithing and I'm sure many smiths as well as their customers ship build components frequently. So when it comes to shipping stocks, scopes, barrels, actions etc whom have you used and wouldn't recommend and would recommend? If you have had a bad or good experience and would like to share it, Great!
I'd check with your smith and see if he has a preference. I've used UPS and although the handy 5 minutes away UPS Store wouldn't ship my package cuz they "didn't feel comfortable shipping a gun" the main hub gave me no grief at all. The 20 minute drive to the hub was a PITA but other than that I had no problems. Make sure that you specify that the package has to be delivered to a person and not left, just because the package is insured doesn't mean that they make someone sign for it. Found that out the hard way.
If you ship anything UPS make sure to use the UPS hub and not just a ups store. They are not owned by UPS and won't pay up if anything gets lost.
My G/F sent a B day gift to her daughter and the ups store put the wrong address on it and it never made it to her daughter. She gave them receipts and they still never refunded her money and the Main UPS Co. said they couldn't do anything about it, cause the ups stores are individually owned and operated
ups stores SUCK
just my .02
so far it sounds like ups isn't fairing too well. If you have any good or bad experiences with shippers please feel free to share.
I ordered 3 boxes of 338 lapua brass from a supplier plus a few other things. When ups delivered the box was retaped and upon opening it I found 3 individual pcs of brass. No lapua boxes nothing, just 3 pcs.

A week later the ups delivery driver dropped off a package and another pc of brass, he said it was rolling around in his truck. No **** where are the other 296 rolling around?
Sorry to hear that Cowboy. That's a handsome amount of money down the tube. I wouldn't doubt 296 of them made their way into some web auction/sale or something like that. Were you able to file a claim and get compensated? I hope so, again sorry this happened.
Yep supplier filed claim, and reembursed me. Problem was at the time it was the only 338 lapua brass anywhere I could find.
I sent a carefully packed rifle USPS to Texas and it arrived with the end of the box split and the barrel sticking out several inches.

Never had any problem with UPS (so far...knock wood).
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