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  • he did the other day and i guess it shot well i m out of town this week so did get a chance to see or hang out but he is very very impressed!!! i do have another uncle who need some work on a 7mm rem 700 action but he just want a new barrel and little thing to freshin it up!!! i ment to get a pic of my grandfathers 7mm bench gun in a mauser action he did years ago i think you would enjoy the craftsmenship that a typical gun owner has done i will get those as soon as i see him again but i will call on the phone about the other 7mm for my uncle! as far as that .243 all i can say is i use alot of paper cleaning up the drool that spills from our mouths lmao!!!!! great work you will be on the only call list i need when that time comes
    Hey chad hows everything these days? very sweet gun you did for garret! cant wait to shoot it lol the old mans eyes just aint what they used to be hahaha well man be good and play hard live long ttyl!!!
    Do you work on customer rifles, or build new ones or both?
    If I can't get this AR to function properly by trying the new tube and lighter buffer, I will need someone to look into it deeper..........could you do this?
    Sturgis is pretty close to where I am, and I go to RC to do my shopping usually. You're right along the way.
    hey there. I am considering a custom rifle build and am contacting a few different smiths to try and decide on an exact gun and smith to choose. I would like to discuss actions barrels and round choices with each smith if you could give me a call. my number is 541-663-6094. I would really appreciate it. thanks.
    Can I get your email,the one on your web site isn't working for me,Also what does a pillar bedding job on a Borden Timberline in a Mcm Classic run,and also what does a Rem 700 bolt converted to one of your closed shroud run? Thanks, Dave
    Well how goes it? I have been chopper jumping the last few days but i hit ground for good a little farther south of where I was. Not as many Hajji's with a hard on for Jihad down here. I am under 30 for vacation now so life is good. I don't know if I told you or not but I got my promotion. So now I am getting closer to financial freedom at a quicker pace. I was going to ask you, what is the brand of your vest and who did you buy it through? That is the one item I am going to invest in as the stuff that KBR provides is total crap. Well I better scoot


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