Who wants to write an article?

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
Guys, I would appreciate a quick commitment to an article submission. I'd like to have several published in time for when we go live in a week or two. It could be one of the topics I have listed in the "Links To Articles" on the home page, or it could be your own topic.

I would take the setting for the LRH shot article. I would possibly take the advantages of using a spotter if no one else jumps right on it.

Len, if no other takes the post, I'm in for the ballistics software article.

I think I have enough credentials, but as developer myself, I prefer you to be the final judge.

regards, Gus

I'll take a shot at (That was a pun, Son;) )

1 - Adjusting Rem triggers (being up dated for the new 2006 trigger. - DONE
2 - Adjusting the Winchester trigger. - DONE
3 - How scopes work, and adjusting for Parallax. - DONE
4 - "How to mount a scope and level it" - (dealing with limits of elevation, base taper, plumb, spindle, and tracking issues). - In the works
5 - "CANT", and why you can't "CANT", if you want to hit at long range. - In the works.
6 - Advantages of optical vs Laser rangefinders - In the works
7 - The art of "working" a Prairie Dog town.
I would be happy to rewrite and expand on my experiences last year in an article on Preparation for a Western Mountain Hunt. This would focus on gear, food, trucks, maps, google earth, exercise, etc and not so much on shooting. However, taking care of meat was a big concern and turned out well for me.
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Jim, EXERCISE! We don't want no stinkin' exercise...

But I suppose we do have a responsibility to our readers...so ok.

Topic sounds great.

I would be willing to write some articles about receiver accurizing, benefits and comparisions to untrued factory receivers.

Would also be willing to write an article about modern wildcatting with the intent to push the envelope for extreme range big game hunting.

Kirby Allen(50)

You are the editor ( the boss, bah :)) please give us all a deadline.

Also, what's is the limit, ( pages, words ??), and any other detail we must have in mind. We all want to make your life easier!

regards, Gus

I want your article in one hour from right now. :) Everyone else has a few days for their first one.

See [thread=12]this[/thread] for editor wishes.
Ok, that was my wiseguy answer. Now the practical one. I will be busy editing, formatting and doing other tech stuff. So if some articles come to me spread out... some in a day or two and some take 10 days or so...that will work fine for me anyhow.
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