Whom can we recruit to write.....


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Jun 12, 2007
west of Little Rock ,Ark.
Jimm is talking here about the Budget Rifle topic, I moved it here as a more appropriate spot. Also wanted to try out the "Move Topic" function

guy tagged for this project . Jerry Teo is very skilled at spending only what is necessary to get the desired end product .

There is another that has many skills in this same area as well as being a recent Oklahoma smallbore champion and a really all round nice guy that has more long range shooting info stuffed in his head than a lot of folks have in their hard drive.

He also writes very good articles / stories . Level headed to a fault . heck he should be made a ADMIN dude .

You could not do better . Yes , this is only my opinion but it is reached after conversing with him via email for a couple of years then shooting with him on a prarie dog hunt ..

Hope you see this Len , Adam Baker , a police officer in Oklahoma is top drawer , He would bring so much more to the guild than I ever could . ABINOK is his site Identiy
Look at the list of potential topics I have placed on the "Links To Articles" column on the Home page.

Make suggestions here as to which general member we should approach to write one of those topics. Examples are sheep hunting, hunting in the UK or South America, New Zealand, etc.
Jimm, since Jerry is already on this article topic, what topic could you suggest for Adam?

And I do remember seeing his screen name.
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