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  • Hello Jimm,
    I just drew my first ever Oryx Tag and read your story about your Oryx hunt, I was hoping you couold help plan my trip or give me some good advice on where to go and what to expect? Any information would be very much appreciated.
    I will be hunting the first hunt in September with a friend, we both drew a tag and hope to be succesful.
    Thank you in advance for any information you can provide us.
    I am a soldier in the US Army and was told that there are Oryx tags on White Sands for active duty soldiers only and that some go unused. I really want to apply, but need some guidance. I have been stationed in Hawaii for the last 3yrs, but have taken some nice Axis deer, mouflon sheep, ferrel goat and wild boar, but it cost so much here. I would love to put in for this in April of next year while my wife is used to me forking out $$$$$ to hunt. Can you give me some pointers and some contacts? Thanks.

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