Article submission and editing

Len Backus

Staff member
May 2, 2001
When your article is ready, send it to me in a Word document. Send me any pictures in a an email. For now, my email box is small so first reduce the pictures in file size to somewhere between 100 and 300 megs (I meant 100-300 K) each. I'll have to think more about my mailbox size...

No limit to word count.

Unless it's obvious where I should insert the pictures, make a note as to (insert xyz.jpg here). Some pictures are nice with almost any article but not fully necessary.

I will check Dave King's submissions for commas and periods (hey, he asked me to).

I'll also do what I normally do for my own articles. Spell check, (one more time), format, insert pictures, insert link to forum discussion thread for that article, etc.
When are you hopeing to have these articles ready? Im piecing mine together... kinda... but im wondering on how long ive got to put pics to the print.
I sent my pictures in Word format as requested but they were terrible that way. So Len and I finally worked out using a "compression" format in Microsoft Office Picture Manager to get them from 800K down to about 150K.
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