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Feb 2, 2004
looking to step into longer shooting 6-800yards on mostly whitetail maybe longer.I stopped to see my local smith today.My choices are to find a action and add all the goodies or buy a sendero and just shoot it.He told me if I dont reload my own shells its a waste of money to go custom at this time(I dont have time for it now maybe someday).I could have a friend load for me.Im thinking of the 300ultra mag how good is factory ammo? Im told the sendoro has an h s stock with alum. bedding blocks?

If you do not reload, I would recommend the 300 win mag. much better selection of premium ammo available and even custom loaded from Black Hills.

The 300 WSM is great cartridge also and you can get in the Savage or the Winchester Coyote (both under $600). Only problem is limited mftr factory or premium ammos at this time compared to 300 win mag.

Sendaro or Savage would be the way to go in the 300 Win.

Either one, just have trigger worked one, action bedded if Win or Remington, lap the lugs and check crown. All for under $200 max. Should work great and be .5-.75 MOA gun if you check different ammo out to find what your gun likes best.

ditto with the guys above. i have the sendero in 300rum myself, but i reload. not only are shells for it expensive right now, theres really no selection, and its not good quality, not for 6-800yds. if you want a big magnum, go with the winny, or best bet condering you want to only shoot factory is the 308. federal and black hills make real good box ammo. you can still look at the sendero or savage for gun, but i wouldnt advise the rum as your case unless you roll your own. just not enough shell selection yet.

im shooting a weatherby vanguard 7mm rem mag now.In compareing out the 300 win mag once you get past 300 yds, the 300 has less foot pounds of energy so whats my advantage for 300 win(my guess is from added wind resistance).
Get the Savage 116sak in 300rum and get a friend to load for you!!! I know of 2 that shoot sub sub min one of which I own.Let me tell you, there is time to load! It is a matter of doing what you hold important to you, remember you are getting older every day
take time to do some things you really enjoy!
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